The Inisfree Experience is a guided tour service through all of Quiet Man Country.

A Must for all fans of the Quiet Man Film.

Nominated for four Oscars and winning just two this was seen as one of John Fords best and most memorable movies. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Connemara and with a simple but realistic love story, Ford was on a winner before cast or film crew ever set foot in Ireland. 

Based on a story written by Maurice Walsh who hailed from North Kerry the film opens with some locals who had gathered to see who was on the train which had just pulled in Castletown, late as usual. Then out steps the yank Sean Thornton, a tall but slim looking fella in search of Inisfree and of course everyone in their own exciting way attempt to send him in several directions. Here is one of Ford's finest moments in the film as he allows Michilin (Barry Fitzgerald) to introduce himself on set with the fewest of words ' Inisfree this way' and thus begins the curiosity 'who is he and why is he here'.

As Sean and Michilin make their way to Inisfree they stop off at The Quiet Man Bridge where Sean sits and looks at the White 'O' Morn cottage in the distance and asks Michilin who owns it. Michilin explains it is owned by the Widow Tillane and that she would not sell it. It is here that Sean finally tells Michilin who he is and why he is here. As they continue on their way to Inisfree they are met by Fr Lonergan who wishes to have a word with Michilin. Sean gets down from the Pony & Trap and spots Mary Kate and instantly becomes spellbound by her beauty and her flowing red hair. He inquires from Michilin who she is but Michilin tells him it is only a mirage brought on by his thirst. 

Arriving at Pat Cohan's Bar Sean is met by more curious locals and word in now out that he has bought the White 'O' Morn and has dented the ego of the local bully Danagher in doing so. The scene is now set for a classic tale of love and romance with a little touch of godly interference thrown in along the way ending with a classic fight sceene. 

For those of you who have not seen this movie I will not spoil the story by telling you any more but I strongly recommend you go and buy it. For those of you who have seen it and who may well be A Quiet Man fan like myself why not take it out and have another look. 
Go on I know you want to!!! 

If you ever visit this fair Island of Ireland and wish to tour the locations where the film was screened give me a call on (00353) 87 243 9760 and I will take you to Inisfree. Paddy.